Plan Approval

Plan Approval


Benson & Brown can provide the service of plan approval for AMSA Domestic and Commercial Vessels. This involves our surveyor/designers reviewing a boat or new build projects electrical drawing package, and making a determination on it's compliance to the Standards, and recommendations on moving said design forward

Review Stage

Benson & Brown will carry out a comprehensive review process of the proposed plan documents. Focus will be placed on design conventions and plan format.


Compliance to Standards


The submitted plans are then cross-referenced to the official standards that are in place in the vessel's region of operation.This process will identify design compliance issues, and serve as the basis of our recommendations.



Our Plan approval process can end with one of two outcomes: Plan Approved- Should the submitted plans meet all the requisite criteria, Benson & Brown will forward our recommendations and endorsement directly to AMSA to continue the approval process. Plan Amendments Required:Should the submitted plans require further amendments to meet their intended Standards, Benson & Brown will present to the client a recommendations report. We will then work in concert with the client to ensure that the necessary alterations are made to the plans, so that official approval can be expedited.


Plan Approval
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